I haven’t update this blog for a LONG while. I want to share some things that have happened this summer. The best part of this summer? Brevitas.

Last year, I got some friends together and created a small choir to perform some of our favorite music. We wanted to also try an experiment: since we didn’t have much time, so we wanted to see if we could put together a concert with only one week of rehearsal. We sent out music early, learned our music, then got together to polish our pieces and perform. While we had some rough moments, overall, it was a success and wanted to do it again.

This year, with lessons learned, we made another attempt to put on a choir in a week. Repertoire choices were better and music went out earlier with weekly reminders. We also had a few extra rehearsals and two concerts.

DSC_0182After a great deal of dialogue and debate we also gave our choir a name: Brevitas. The latin word for “brevity,” the name refers to the “soul of wit” and implies our desire to strip away all the superfluous material and get to what matters most. We felt that this represented us best.

That week was spectacular. The whole week was a joy from beginning to end. Rehearsals were productive and efficient as well as joyful and invigorating. Our two concerts were in Orem Public Library and St. Ambrose Catholic Church. While both concerts were rewarding, St. Ambrose was a special place with an amazing acoustic and stunning stained-glass windows. It was easily one of the most rewarding music experiences of my life.

With two success stories, we’re looking to accelerate our progress. We’re applying for tax exemption and looking for funding to help us put on more performance. Our current plan is to have our next concert in March.


One of the best performances of these concerts was definitely our performance of “Salvation is Created” by Pavel Chesnokov. I think we might have spent 20 minutes total rehearsing this. There was such passion and drive to perfect the piece that it almost rehearsed itself. Here’s a recording of the performance in St. Ambrose. For more recordings visit the Brevitas SoundCloud page: