End of Summer Catch Up

IMG_0715I forgot to stay up to date on all the things I was accomplishing this summer. I didn’t have much time off, and when I did, I packed it full of activities so that I needed another break! But what I did do, I feel very grateful. I’m blessed with some really incredible family and some truly amazing friends. Maybe in the future, I’ll space out some of my adventures and take it a bit easier! Here’s the gist of things though:

Had a family reunion

4th of July is a BIG deal in my extended family. We always get together for massive celebrations. Also, one of my cousins just got back from his mission to Russia. My sister also had new baby. Seeing family like this is always a great experience for me.

Ran a Triathlon

My dream of running a triathlon were finally realized two days after the 4th in Logan, UT. I completed my first Tri, which of course was a sprint length. 500 meter swim, 12 mile bike ride, 5K run. Totally doable for anyone thinking about it. If I can do it, you can too. It takes preparation but it’s totally within reach. Great experience, definitely one I’ll do again (I can say that now, but I sure couldn’t after the race was over).

Climbed Provo Peak


This used to not be a big deal for me. Climbing mountains was something I did on a regular basis, but after living at sea level for so long and not hiking on a regular basis has made it a challenge. This was also one of the mountains that I never got around to hiking while in Provo. So now that’s 6 from the Watch front: Squaw Peak, Y Mountain, Provo Peak, Cascade, Timpanogos and Nebo.

For me, climbing these mountains has been among my favorite accomplishments of all the things I’ve done. To do: Spanish Fork and Loafer Mountain.

Visited my parents in the Bay Area

I haven’t really been back to the Bay Area for a while. I didn’t have much time but it was great to visit with my parents and see how they were doing. It was also nice to make a brief trip into SF to visit Golden Gate Park. I was reminded how beautiful it all is.

Rehearsed and Conducting a Festival Choir

This is one that I’m most proud of. A few months earlier I invited some friends to prepare for this choral experience by sending out music and recordings. I got 24 friends together and put together a 40 minute program with only three rehearsals. I chose some VERY difficult music too. Here was our program:

To Open
See What the End Is Gonna Be (2:38) arr. Ronald Staheli

Rosary Prayers (5:30)
Ave Maria – Igor Stravinsky
The Lord’s Prayer – Gabriel Jackson

English Part Songs (10:30)
Nightingales – Gerald Finzi
Haste On, My Joys! – Gerald Finzi
Silence and Music – Ralph Vaughan Williams

Meditations on the Savior (11:30)
Were You There?- arr. Ronald Staheli
Salus Aeterna – Gabriel Jackson

American Anthems (6:30)
By and By – arr. Carol Burnett
Not One Sparrow is Forgotten – arr. William Hawley

I was thrilled by how it turned out. We held our concert in St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Provo. It was an extremely warm evening that none of us will forget. I felt so lucky to be surrounded by such loving, talented and passionate friends. It was also great to catch up with these friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in a long while. I hope we can do something like this again in the (near) future.

Here’s a recording of our performance of “Nightingales” by Gerald Finzi. And remember: three rehearsals.