Living in Los Angeles Part 3

Well, The big news between this edition of Living in Los Angeles and the last one is that now I have a car! That’s right, I now drive a motor vehicle in a city where the car is king. So what does that mean for me now? Traffic.

  • IMG_0318The independence and freedom associate with owning a car makes LA a much better place to get along with. I’m not at the mercy of public transportation (or the lack thereof), or friends to drive me or offer me a ride.
  • Now I deal with the world of congestion, gas prices and parking. Not my favorite things, but it’ll make a decent trade.
  • Los Angeles is a crowded placed, but not as crowded as some other cities. There’s a certain kind of crowding that can be fun or annoying. London is crowded, but it’s great; It feels like dancing shoulder to shoulder in a crowded club and everyone is dancing with you. Los Angeles is crowded, but it’s obnoxious; It feels like standing in an elevator with one other person who’s obliviously standing uncomfortably/annoyingly too close.
  • IMG_0452Sometimes–outside your apartment–you find really great used office chairs for free. Other times you find dozens of toilets lined up in beautiful rows.
  • Beverly Hills is ridiculously swank.
  • South Central is ridiculously poor.
  • Food trucks are a way of life. There are so many different food trucks out here in every shade and variety. Some are tasty, others are repulsive. Example of good: The Melt with their “Grilled Macaroni and Cheese” sandwich. Example of bad: Egg Slutz. Just the name makes me want to vomit. Some are cheap, some are just as pricey as a sit-down restaurant. Cheap example: Armondo’s burritos are pretty generous and typically under $5. Expensive example: Lobster truck’s very small lobster roll with very small clam chowder: $20. Again, vomit.
  • Finally took the time to go see the shuttle. It was more amazing in person that I expected.

Again, just my experiences. Others may see things differently.


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