BYU Singers Alumni Hymn Project

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be in BYU Singers for 4 years, and during that time with the ensemble I had many life changing experiences both on and off stage. I’ve participated in some electrifying performances which have stirred the hearts of those listening and helped to change lives. It’s an experience I will always remember and cherish.

I feel very strongly about this ensemble’s long-term life and want to see it continue to grow and perform for even more people. There’s a really wonderful recording project going on right now with the alumni of the choir. We are recording hymns of all sorts to give away for free and to help spread our influence even further. We’ve also started a fund raiser to contribute to the BYU Singers Endowment.

The BYU Singers Endowment Fund helps to support the touring of BYU Singers, as well as financial aid to students who would qualify for BYU Singers but might not be able to afford tour costs, among other things. I would very much like to see this endowment grow and support future generations of singers.

If you can, please visit their fund-raising page and contribute something; anything that you are able to. Even as a broke graduate student, I’ve felt very fulfilled to have contributed to this cause, even in a small way.


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