New Job at KUSC

kusc cat top media_2This last week I started an internship at KUSC, the classical radio station for the Los Angeles area. Currently I’m writing content for their apps Soundsnips, WorldVenues, and Geotunes (an app with Spotify).

Soundsnips which lets you listen to great music and then gives you some info about the music and it’s composer while you’re listening. WorldVenues is a great little encyclopedia about various concert halls around the world which pictures and video. Geotunes is like geocaching with music showing different music written for different locations.

It’s been great! I get to read and write about classical music all day and work with great people. The work I’ve done so far won’t be available until we do an update, which we’ll do soon. Until then, go ahead and download these and see what you think. You can also download KUSC’s regular app.

That’s one bit of news. I also got a car! More news might come later.


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