New Commission for Cantorum


A lot has been happening since I last posted. I might cover the other goings on later, but right now I wanted to share that I’ve received a new commission from Utah-based, early music ensemble Cantorum. This is the ensemble, directed by my friend Allen Buskirk, that I sang in as well as directed.

It’s a great ensemble with a great sound specializing in sacred music from the Renaissance and early Baroque. I had a lot of fun both singing in and directing this wonderful group of singers. The piece they have commissioned is for their advent-themed concert this December. We both agreed to a great advent hymn called “Vox clara ecce intonat.” Here are the words (with a poetic translation):

VOX clara ecce intonat,
obscura quaeque increpat:
procul fugentur somnia;
ab aethere Christus promicat.
A THRILLING voice by Jordan rings,
rebuking guilt and darksome things:
vain dreams of sin and visions fly;
Christ in His might shines forth on high.
Mens iam resurgat torpida
quae sorde exstat saucia;
sidus refulget iam novum,
ut tollat omne noxium.
Now let each torpid soul arise,
that sunk in guilt and wounded lies;
see! the new Star’s refulgent ray
shall chase disease and sin away.
E sursum Agnus mittitur
laxare gratis debitum;
omnes pro indulgentia
vocem demus cum lacrimis,
The Lamb descends from heaven above
to pardon sin with freest love:
for such indulgent mercy shewn
with tearful joy our thanks we own.
Secundo ut cum fulserit
mundumque horror cinxerit,
non pro reatu puniat,
sed nos pius tunc protegat.
That when again He shines revealed,
and trembling worlds to terror yield.
He give not sin its just reward,
but in His love protect and guard.
Summo Parenti gloria
Natoque sit victoria,
et Flamini laus debita
per saeculorum saecula. Amen.
To the most high Parent glory be
and to the Son be victory,
and to the Spirit praise is owed
from age to age eternally. Amen.

I’m very excited to get started!

Need New Music? Hire Me!

School is finally out here at SC, and now that task of looking for summer work is in full swing. I’ve been looking around at some interesting jobs, but really, I’d rather be writing music for your choir.

I’ve been commissioned before by the BYU Singers, BYU Men’s Chorus, and the Chancel Choir of St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas. I’ve loved working on each of these ensembles and these recipients have been very pleased with the resulting pieces. I’ve been able to write more complicated works that are challenging (in a good way) as well as pieces that are accessible for  less-experienced singers. By the way, these four commissions were all delivered earlier than their proposed date of delivery.

These commissioned pieces include:

“Everyone Sang” 

“I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go”

“Press Forward, Saints,” 

and “The Pure River Flows” 

By the way, you don’t have to direct a choir in order to commission a new piece of music. There are plenty of cases of people commissioning new music as a birthday present or anniversary gift for a loved one or spouse. I can then get it recorded with the gracious help of the USC Chamber Singers. It’s a one of a kind gift that no one else has. Now that’s romantic.

So, if you are in need of any new music, feel free to contact me and we can get a conversation started.