“The Pure River Flows” Premiere + Everyone Sang Now Available


Hey Friends,

A week from tomorrow, my new commission, “The Pure River Flows,” will be premiered at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas the day after ACDA wraps up.  I’m very excited to finally hear this brought to life by the Choir there under the direction of Chris Crook!  It’s going to be a great time I can tell.  In other news, I will also be performing a solo at the same service!  I will be singing “I Stand All Amazed.”

In addition to all of this, “Everyone Sang” is now available for purchase through Hal Leonard’s website as well as through JW Pepper. It will be available for purchase at ACDA in Dallas this next week!  If you’re attending, I’ll see you there!

Everyone Sang pg 1


3 thoughts on ““The Pure River Flows” Premiere + Everyone Sang Now Available

  1. How exciting.  I need to get some new speakers before I hear it.  Glad to hear you are doing a solo.  People will love hearing you sing that.  Have a good time in Texas.

    Best wishes,


  2. Matt,
    I love it when you post the full text next to the piece. (Please do it for this one.)
    This piece really came to life for me when I studied the poem that provided the text, and thought of it in context of World War II . . . then visualized the celestial choruses of the dead and living, praising God. (“The singing will never be done” — on both sides of the veil.)
    The image of birds representing spirits freed from bondage was amazing!
    I think the understanding of the choral text (enhanced immensely by overt discussion of it in choir rehearsal) not only brings amazing dimensions of communication to the audience in a performance, but unifies and inspires a choir in a manner achieved no other way.
    As an avid appreciator, when I can ponder the text (program notes?), and when the music truly fits and enhances it, the experience of hearing the piece goes to a whole new dimension (like the freed birds!!).

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