Some Thoughts on Living in Los Angeles Part 2


After my first semester I’ve got some more thoughts on LA.

  • Helicopters.  They are EVERYWHERE.  In Provo it was either a LifeFlight or an Apache, here it’s traffic or news, police or private or whatever.  Not a day goes by without several helicopters flying overhead.4743833327_5a5fa01478
  • Weather is still beautiful.
  • New years resolution: Go to the beach more.
  • While driving, people are way too eager to honk their horns.  Don’t get me wrong, a horn is necessary for the safety of drivers, but it gets ridiculous.  The light has been green for less than half a second, someone 5 cars back is honking his horn because people haven’t reacted fast enough.
  • The way to clear congestion is to make public transportation a more convenient option.
  • Maybe the answer to LA’s congestion problem can be solved by a solution London came up with.  A congestion tax.  In order to drive your own car into London city center you have to pay a tax and indicate on your car.  Driving there without paying the tax would result in penalties.  That’s one way to make public transportation more convenient.  Very unlikely to get any real support, but at least it’s an idea.Mudd Hall
  • On a clear day, I can see the Hollywood sign from the Culver City Metro Station.
  • It’s a bit jarring to attend a university that has students who hand out fliers from PETA and then sing for the university’s donors who wear furs.
  • I still haven’t found a place that I can call my own.  But Mudd Hall at USC is pretty close.
  • Some days, all I want to do is go to the Getty and get lost…for days.
  • Despite the surrounding neighborhood, whenever I’m at USC, I feel safe.  Probably because the place is crawling with law enforcement.
  • I love how bucolic the campus is.  It makes me forget that I’m so close to downtown LA.  Having said that, I miss the redwood forests around the Bay Area.  I know we a few redwoods on campus, but they look so sad and starved for water.
  • Across the street, in Expo Park, we’ve got a space shuttle.  How cool is that?!


“Everyone Sang” to Be Published with Walton Music

I think I forgot to mention about a month ago that “Everyone Sang” was accepted to be published with Walton Music next year.  It was about a month ago and I made a big deal about it on Facebook but forgot to post anything here about it.  Whoops!  So yeah, the contract is signed and returned.  It’s official!

We’ve already started working on the first proof.  I suspect this wont take too long.  Who knows, we might even see a copy of it at ACDA in Dallas! *Fingers crossed*

Everyone Sang

Various performances of “Midnight Clear”

Over the last little while, I’ve been sent, and found, a few performance of “Midnight Clear” on YouTube.  I thought I’d share some of these with you.  All of them brought a smile to my face and I’m glad that people really seem to enjoy this piece!  Merry Christmas.

The Lebanon Valley College (Annville, PA) Concert Choir:

Glendale Community College Choral Concert:

The University of the Arts Chorus:

Dave Brubeck (1920-2012)


I was very sad to learn yesterday morning that Dave Brubeck passed away one day shy of his 92 birthday.  His music was very influential while I was in High School.  I must have listened to Time Out dozens upon dozens of times.  I learned a great deal from all the music on that record about asymmetric and multi-metric meters.  Later, I would learn about expansive, unapologetically chromatic harmonies from his London Flat, London Sharp.  I always wanted to see him perform before he died.