“Everyone Sang” Performance This Weekend

This weekend is the Fall concert of BYU Singers and BYU Concert Choir.  BYU Singers will be performing “Everyone Sang” as part of their sets.  I’m so glad that this piece gets to be performed for the fourth and fifth time now by this remarkable ensemble.  A lot of people have been saying some very kind things about this piece.  What I’m most happy about is that people from all sorts of backgrounds and levels of choral experience have told me how much they enjoy it.  I’m glad I can satisfy the amateur as well as the professional.

You should also go to hear the magnificent Concert Choir and all the wonderful things they are performing, including “O Magnum Mysterium” by both Tomas Luis de Victoria and Ola Gjeilo.  It promises to be a beautiful night.

Here’s another piece that is being performed during that concert by BYU Singers.  “O Sapientia” by Bob Chilcott performed “flash-mob-style” in the Harold B. Lee Library:


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