Recording of “Everyone Sang”

Thanks to an anonymous friend at BYU, I was able to get a hold of two live recordings of my new piece “Everyone Sang.”  I’ve quickly stitched the two performances together for your listening pleasure.  Even though they’re still live recordings from the first concert of the year, I am STUNNED by this herculean performance that the BYU Singers and Dr. Staheli have managed to put together.  I cannot believe it’s now a reality.  Many, many thanks to these amazing musicians with equally amazing souls.

I’ve also decided to include the “companion” piece that follows mine, “Always Singing” by Dale Warland.  I wrote the end of my piece to transition smoothly into his piece, and now that I’ve heard them together I can’t imagine them apart. My goal was to set up a specific context and setting for the Warland, which I love.  I hope he likes my piece and that both get performed together often!

Solos performed by Marianne Bement, Karen Embree, Marly Davis, & Lexie Orvin.

Also, an updated first page!


6 thoughts on “Recording of “Everyone Sang”

  1. Very powerful piece! Gorgeous. I love the part where everyone sounds like birds! And the poem is sublime. After reading how is was written, I am convinced that the poem really is not of this world.

  2. I was at the concert this past weekend and loved this song. It was incredible and reminded me of Job 38:7 “Where wast thou When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” Thanks.

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