Save Sibelius

It’s been a while.  But I did want to take a little bit of time to promote a petition called “Save Sibelius.”  Sibelius is a music notation software that I and many other composers, editors, engravers, arrangers, conductors, performers, teachers and students use.  It’s been a great tool to use for several years.  Now, sadly, Sibelius’ parent company, Avid, is closing the Sibelius main UK office and outsourcing its development to save money.

Avid is apparently bleeding money elsewhere in their company and are making a short term expense decision that will have long term effects.  While Avid claims that this wont affect the product, they will certainly be losing their competitive edge working with professional musicians in the London area as well as the continuity of the same development team.  It makes sense on paper, but in the music business, it’s a huge loss.

I’ve joined a petition asking Avid to sell Sibelius to new owner as it’s a viable self-standing company and to keep the development with the UK team.  I also encourage you to do the same.  If you’re a Finale user you should also be concerned about this development.  The fierce competition between Sibelius and Finale has made both products significantly better for its users.  If you don’t use any notation software, this might not concern you as much, but please sign the petition anyway as it does affect professional and amateur musicians around you.

Please sign the petition here.  You can also check out their Facebook page here.


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