New Commission

I’m very excited about a new commission I just got from Chris Crook, the Director of Music at St. Andrew United Methodist Church.  I’m writing an anthem for their choir and organ.  This is going to be a great project!  We’ve agreed on a text by Christina Rossetti called “Whitsun Monday,” but more commonly goes by the title “We Know Not the Voice of that River.”

We know not a voice of that River,
If vocal or silent it be,
Where for ever and ever and ever
It flows to no sea.

More deep than the seas is that River,
More full than their manifold tides,
Where for ever and ever and ever
It flows and abides.

Pure gold is the bed of that River
(The gold of that land is the best),
Where for ever and ever and ever
It flows on at rest.

Oh goodly the banks of that River,
Oh goodly the fruits that they bear,
Where for ever and ever and ever
It flows and is fair.

For lo! on each bank of that River
The Tree of Life life-giving grows,
Where for ever and ever and ever
The Pure River flows.

– Christina Rossetti

More info to come.

A small something I’ve been working on

I loved reading books by Roald Dahl growing up, one of my favorites being Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I watch the movie adaptation with Gene Wilder several times.  This tune has stuck with me ever since.  I love the words, the message, the tune, the harmonies, pretty much everything.

I thought about arranging this for University Chorale as part of my recital, but I couldn’t really find anything else to program it with at the time and set it aside for a while.  Then a few months ago, I decided that enough was enough and I had to arrange it for choir and piano.  Here’s the first page: