I’m obsessed with this music

Somehow I stumbled upon this new piece by Gabriel Jackson that was premiered by the BBC Singers back in 2010 at the BBC Proms.  What an incredible work of art.  I find myself constantly coming back to this wonderful piece over and over again.  What’s also great is that I’ve never heard of this author, John Bradburne, before.  Very compelling work all around.  It takes several sections of this poem and intersperses them with wonderful meditations by the string quartet.

As lovers write each other’s names on walls
And ceiling of their fancy at its height,
I’d castle treasure up, which never falls,
However, from the Majesty of sight;
My whole desire I will express, fulfilled,
Housed in God’s name no man may claim we build.

By thought we build our fancies & by deeds
We build the growing judgment that shall come
Surely on each of us who sow our seeds;
Judged by our words amok we’ll be struck dumb
Unless the chief and first fruit of them all
Is One upon whose name we love to call:

‘What’s in a name?’ in that, applied to this
Fount of all being, is His Mount of Bliss.

– John Bradburne


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