DMA Auditions

It’s been a while since I last posted because I’ve been busy getting ready and traveling for DMA auditions.  I’ve already had successful auditions at University of Southern California and University of Miami.  Both of them had me conduct portions of Rejoice in the Lamb by Benjamin Britten (Benji for short).

I grew a lot from both auditions and overcame quite a bit to make it this far.  I’ve lived in Provo for the past seven years and have felt pretty insulated because of it.  Living in Provo and going to BYU has been getting really comfortable.  While I do meet new people every year, it’s still very familiar and not as challenging (socially, emotionally, etc.) each year.  LA and Miami on the other hand, are two cities that scare/fascinate me.  Thankfully, I have a few friends in LA who were able to provide support and encouragement, but I didn’t know a soul in Miami.  What a great way to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself a bit.

Each trip has several highlights.  One from USC was singing “Sure on this Shining Night” by Morten Lauridsen with the USC Chamber Singers with the composer at the piano.  They were preparing a concert for the premier of Shining Night, a documentary about Dr. Lauridsen, and his office was only a few floors up.  Having sung the piece several times previous, it was great to just watch him play and sing it memorized.

One highlight from Miami was being invited to attend a rehearsal of Seraphic Fire singing Bach’s B Minor Mass.  They were still experimenting with different set ups between the choir and orchestra to get a good balance, but also got to sing through several movements.  It was a VERY exciting and compelling rehearsal.  I wish I could have attended the actual performance because it was so exciting.  More people should perform Bach.

We’ll see how this all turns out, but both Schools were very inviting and exciting.  I’m just glad to be done traveling for a while, it’s starting to take a toll on the rest of my life.  I’m glad I’ve now made new friends at both schools.


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