My Friend’s New Piano

My friend Mariah (also our pianist for University Chorale) just graduated with her degree in Piano Performance.  Her family also just invested in a new grand piano for their place up in Hobble Creek Canyon.  A FAZIOLI!!!  I was with Mariah when she was trying out new pianos at Baldassin and Daynes in Salt Lake.  Pramberger, Shimmel, and Steinway were all on the list, but once she tried the Fazioli, it was all over.

We were both impressed by a lot of pianos though (Shimmel actually surprised me in a very good way), but the Fazi just seemed to know what we were thinking before we played it.  It just seemed to anticipate what we wanted, and responded very well.  It’s tone is clear and well-defined without losing any roundness or richness.

Anyway, their family graciously invited me to their graduation/new piano party and wow, does that thing just impress me more and more.  I had the opportunity to play it a few times and it’s incredible.  Makes me wish I could play Ravel, Debussy, Rachmaninov and Chopin and just go to town.

Happy Graduation Mariah!

I'm not sure if this is the exact model they got but, whatev.


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