Great SSATBB Rehearsal Today

Today’s rehearsal with the SSATBB ensemble went GREAT today.  I think one of the reason that made it great was a new practice we started a few weeks ago.  When I was in Chicago for ACDA I talked with a member of musica intima, a wonderful twelve-voice Canadian ensemble, about their practice for dividing responsibility of rehearsal and repertoire.  She talked about how each member of the ensemble basically is in charge of a piece and is responsible for rehearsing and polishing it.  I don’t remember her name, but she seemed like a really awesome person.

Anyway, We have six pieces we’re working on, so we had each person take responsibility for a piece and planned rehearsals accordingly.  It’s worked great!  It seems now that everyone is in charge and sharing responsibility.  Rehearsals are much more efficient and smooth now than ever.  It’s working great.  We’re planning on a performance in April around the second reading day with another local choir.  More info to come later.


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