“In Paradisum” Premieres Tonight!

Tonight is our Combined Concert with guest conductor Dr. Philip Copeland.  He’s quite the gentleman: well-spoken, kind, and assertive about what he wants in a performance.  I love it when people step up to the plate in potentially intimidating situations.  He’s going to do a great job.

Tonight is also the premiere of “In Paradisum” which still feels very unreal to me.  I’m super excited to hear it in a better space than our rehearsal hall.  BYU Singers is starting the concert and right after we’re done, Concert Choir takes the stage and starts with my piece.

Concert Choir has been singing it so beautiful, it’s unbelievable.  It’s always a thrill to hear a piece brought to life for the first time.  Listening to it in MIDI mock-ups doesn’t even hold a candle to hearing it sung by such a choice choir.  When I first heard them sing it I can’t even begin to describe how I felt.  I think I started shaking because it was so good.  I feel so blessed that they would take my little piece and put it so much time to learn it, memorize and polish it for performance.

If you can still get tickets, you should come!  Tonight, Harris Fine Art Center, 7:30!


One thought on ““In Paradisum” Premieres Tonight!

  1. and it sounded so good. Congratulations. so mysterious and lovely. the climax was especially moving. I was bragging about you to my parents. so you didn’t conduct tonight, but you’re still the star :). really, a great big congratulations.

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