Preparing for ACDA

We’re getting ready to sing at ACDA in Chicago next month. We’re working super hard on all our material. Dr. Staheli has picked some very hard music for us. Even the so called “easy music” has great challenges. We don’t want to present some half-baked program. We’ve been working hard on this music since September. Above is our impromptu performance of “There is Sweet Music Here” by EJ White. Beautifully crafted and organic, but very difficult. It’s what we call “naked music” because it shows every wart and flaw in our singing. There’s no place to hide.

See you in Chicago.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for ACDA

  1. GORGEOUS. I am living vicariously through you. 🙂 (Always dreamed of being in Singers, but ran out of “time” before finishing my degree in piano performance).

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