SSATBB Rehearsal and “In Paradisum”

Today we had our second rehearsal for the SSATBB ensemble I mentioned earlier (still no name, but we’ve gotten quite a few humorous suggestions).  We had a great time and worked on parts of “Haec Dies,” by Byrd, “i will wade out” by Whitacre, “Evening Wind,” by Redford and “Abendlied,” by Rheinberger.  It’s coming together really wonderfully.  Our biggest challenge right now is sight reading.  It’s so much easier to sight read when you’re in the middle of a section all working just as hard as you are.  It’s so much harder when you’re the only one on the part.  We’re still working on that.

In other news, my “In Paradisum,” is going to be premiered next month in our combined concert with guest conductor Philip Copeland.  It was going to be premiered at our Winter Choirfest (the one that was supposed to be at the Provo Tabernacle before it burned down).  Professor Hall decided that it would be better for the premiere of the piece to be done in a better space and with more rehearsal.  I can understand that, but I’m impatient and I want to hear my piece NOW!  What can you do though?

P.S.  BYU Singers will be giving a FREE mini-concert in Museum of Art on campus tomorrow (Friday) at 6 PM.  You should come, I’m conducting a piece!


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