“In Paradisum” Premieres This Month!

This month, BYU Concert Choir will premiere my “In Paradisum,” at our Winter Choirfest with Rosalind Hall conducting.  I’m super excited!  They just started rehearsing it today.  Sometimes I feel that I can’t talk about stuff like this until the music is in their hands, even though this has been in the works for months.

The first word back about the piece is that it’s “hard.”  This comes as no surprise to me, I knew it would be difficult.  Even with such a small taste, people have already told me how much they love it.  I just hope they love the rest of it!

This has to be the most rewarding part about composing: getting to hear the work brought to life by amazing musicians.  I’m very excited to hear it when it’s all being polished up and ready to perform.

As for the performance time and venue, well, that’s up in the air right now.  The performance was meant to take place in the Provo Tabernacle, but now that it’s in ashes we have to move it some place else.  Hopefully it’ll be someplace with a good acoustic and can be recorded.  I’ll post everything as it comes in.


5 thoughts on ““In Paradisum” Premieres This Month!

  1. That’s great Matt! But don’t let your head get too big :D. I can’t wait to hear it from concert choir. I hope I can actually physically get down to Provo and hear it, but it seems unlikely. So yeah, hope it’s recorded so I can hear your crop-dusting genius!

    Love ya,

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