Big Update

So, This last week I spent indoors most of the time finishing up: 1. A three voice fugue for my counterpoint class (brain hurts so bad), 2. My study, analysis and practice of a piece by Brahms and a piece by Schvedov, and 3. My semester-long, study and compilation of 400 pieces of music for my choral lit class, plus a written final that took 2.25 hours.

Before that was done, my piece “Midnight Clear,” was broadcast on Performance Today hosted by Fred Child.  It was thrilling yet again to be feature on such a prestigious program.  The most shocking thing this time was to have Fred Child quote parts of my blog back to me!  Now granted, this isn’t this first time this has happened, but it’s a different story when it’s on National Radio!  Talking about my head exploding had me laughing out loud (and my roommate wondering what was wrong with me).  But I guess it goes to show that the people at Performance Today actually try and get their info from the proper sources.  I’ll just need to be more careful about what I write on this blog!  Thanks again Fred (’cause I know you read this)!

I also got to do a little weekend trip to Tabiona while grading exams, replacing a flat tire, turning 4 performance editions into the Bookstore for distribution and buying a heavy winter coat.  It was awesome, bonfire, graham-cracker houses, Elf, sleeping in.

The winter coat was for my Christmas trip out here to Ukraine (did I mention I’m in Ukraine?).  I’m here to visit my parents for Christmas.  It’s pretty fun, although the flights out were terrible.  All were delayed except one, and had to travel through two Ukrainian airports (note: one is more than enough).  Only got two hours of sleep in the trans-Atlantic flight so I’m totally out of it right now.  But now I’m with my parents and that’s cool.

The saddest part of this last week was having the Provo Tabernacle burn down in a fire Friday morning, December 17th.  This has been a landmark and a symbol to the community of so many thing.  It was built back in the 1890s by relatively inexperienced American Pioneers.  I’ve performed in this hall numerous times and had life-changing experiences in its walls, as well as having written a research paper about the place.  To see it all gone up in flames is quite difficult.  Even seeing it in person doesn’t feel real.  I hope something is rebuilt in its place, it would be a shame if the place was left vacant.


One thought on “Big Update

  1. Did you get The Salt Lake Tribune’s permission to use its photo of the fire? It’s the one with the “Gloria” banner on it.

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