Concert Last Weekend

Last weekend, BYU Singers and Concert Choir had a phenomenal experience on the stage last weekend.  We had a fantastic time singing together and for each other.  During this performance BYU Singers made a HUGE jump up from where we had been earlier that week.  It was remarkable what we accomplished in the space of a week.

Here’s what we sang:

There is Sweet Music Here – E.J. White
Everyone Sang – Dominck Argento
I Have Had Singing – Steven Sametz

Wenn wir in Höchsten Nöten sein, Op. 110 – Johannes Brahms
Each Day – Stephen Paulus

The Night is Young – Colum Sands
If I Can Help Somebody – Alma B. Androzzo
Bright Pathways – arr. Ronald Staheli

The first two sets are full of super difficult music.  The Argento happens to be some of the hardest music I’ve encountered, it might have something to do with us being such a small choir.  At the same time, pulling these off has been so rewarding for all of us.

To finish the night, Singers and Concert Choir joined forces to perform at the end.  Here’s the catch though: we hadn’t prepared anything to sing together!  Instead we sightread a different hymn for both nights.  It’s thrilling to sight-read hymns we’ve never seen before and make it musical and moving.  I love it when we can all do that together.  It reminds me of singing with St. John’s College at Oxford.


2 thoughts on “Concert Last Weekend

  1. Hey Matthew! Would you happen to remember the two hymns sightread at the end of the two nights? I remember really enjoying the hymn on the night I came to, but I can’t figure out what it was and I’ve looked everywhere!

    Thanks for the help, love your blog!

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