Henryk Górecki (1933-2010)

For those not familiar with Górecki, he was a Polish composer who became one of the leading musical voices of our time.  He spent much of his life struggling and writing without much success until his Symphony No. 3 (or “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”) became an overnight success on England’s record charts decades after he’d written it.  For more about that watch this clip from a BBC documentary:

For some reason, we have a difficult time putting his music into any sort of genre, but most compare him to “holy minimalists,” like Arvo Pärt, or John Tavener. All three composers spend time writing in a serialistic style and then abandoned this to find a different voice, and this is what most of them are known for. To hear the powerful, stirring second movement of Górecki’s 3rd Symphony watch this video:


2 thoughts on “Henryk Górecki (1933-2010)

  1. Just the setting of this video is very touching. The images, evocative. Do people get this much out of the audio alone? Thanks for sharing this.
    The slavic languages sound alike. I could catch some of the Polish words which correspond to Russian.

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