Conducting the BYU Women’s Chorus

I just wanted to mention that I’ll be conducting the BYU Women’s Chorus at this Tuesday’s Devotional at 11 AM in the Marriot Center. It’ll be broadcast live on BYUtv, and can be found on at

In addition, the following Friday and Saturday will be the Fall concerts for the Men’s and Women’s Chorus.  I’ll be conducting the same piece, and the choir will be singing some fantastic literature.  Tickets are still on sale here at

It should be a great week and weekend!


3 thoughts on “Conducting the BYU Women’s Chorus

  1. I just wanted to comment on your participation in the concert tonight. I thought that your conducting was extremely well done, but most of all, I was highly impressed with your actions when not actually on the podium. I appreciated very much your attention while the chorus was performing and found your reactions to their pieces very appropriate-namely your facial expressions. It signified to me that you care a lot about what you do and didn’t want to take away from the performance by making unnecessary movements or by even looking away from the conductor.

    As a fellow music major, I love seeing the joy on someone’s face when they can share in beautiful music. Witnessing the changes in expression based on what the music conveys is what makes the performance a wonderful adventure. Being in the audience tonight, I thought that I would miss out on that. But your silent perceptiveness was just as exciting as if I had been on stage (which would never happen because I do not sing very…well.)

    And so, I wanted to express my appreciation for your presence at the concert and your attention to the lovely music in this manner.


    Catelyn Gentry

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