Small Update

Things have been crazy since school started.  I’m barreling through my Masters program already and having a great time.  Here’s some updates:

– BYU Singers started rehearsals again, we just had our opening weekend retreat.  It was amazing!  We put together a piece by Dominick Argento.  this is some of the harder music I’ve ever done (not the hardest though).

– Women’s Chorus is in full swing.  I assist that ensemble and am having a great time.  Got lots to learn.

– University Chorale, the non-auditioned choir that I co-conduct is off and running.  Getting off to great starts with all our pieces.  We’re having a great time and learning everyday.

– Midnight Clear has been going through a rigorous proofing process.  I’ve finally sent back the final proof.  It scares me though, thinking that I must have missed something.  Guess we’ll just find out later.

– Working on some new compositions, but of course, this all takes a back seat to more pressing matters now.  I’m working on some interesting projects, but we’ll see how it all pans out.

– Also working on getting some new pieces performed by choirs in the area.

So that’s what’s been happening.  Hopefully I’ll get some new scores posted here and get more stuff finalized.  In the mean time, here’s a piece of Finzi by BYU Singers that I feel embodies what’s been happening lately:


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