Programming for the Fall

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been very busy.  This coming semester I’ll be in BYU Singers and continuing to serve as an assistant conductor.  In addition I’ll also be an assistant conductor for the BYU Women’s Chorus, as well as a junior partner for the University Chamber Chorale.  The chamber chorale is a large non-auditioned choir that meets three times a week and is run solely by graduate students.

This week I’ve been working with Monica (the senior partner) on our program for the chorale.  Normally, programming for a concert takes hours and hours and hours of time, but because we had a late start we needed to finish it by the end of this week.  The luxury of spending hours of times carefully choosing repertoire was severely limited.  With less time, we tried to be just as careful in selecting music for our choir.  We only to program 30 to 40 minutes of music, but that’s still quite a bit to do.

We came up with this:

Praise and Devotion
Jubilate Deo                            Benjamin Britten
The Lord is my Shepherd                    Randall Thompson

A Baroque Christmas
Cantate Domino                        Giuseppe Pitoni
In dulci Jubilo                        J.S. Bach
A Child is Born in Bethlehem                Samuel Scheidt

Carols of Europe
Shepherd’s Pipe Carol                    John Rutter
Nightingale Carol                        arr. Andrew Carter
What Shall We Give?                    arr. Mack Wilberg
Ai Nama Mamina                        Andrejs Jansons

We felt that these were really good choices, and thankfully got approved.  So this is our program that we’ll be using.  Now all we need to do is divide up which ones we want to actually conduct between the two of us.

While doing all this work, I noticed a new exhibit on the lawn at the Museum of Art.  I was struck by their shapes and patterns, and most especially by the building materials.  Maybe I’m just attracted to shiny objects.


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