Brian Head, UT

My sister and her in laws invited me down to their “cabin” in Brian Head.  I’ve been down before and loved the area.  It’s a fantastic place that’s super close to just about every awesome place southern Utah has to offer: Cedar Breaks, Bryce Canyon, and of course Zion National Park.

This trip we explored some slot Canyons near Kanarraville, UT.  We basically hiked up this river through tall red sandstone cliffs.  We got to climb up waterfalls and slide down a natural water slide.  It was great way to stay cool during such hot weather.  I love this sort of stuff.  We explored around the Dixie National Forest quite a bit as well.  There are huge forests of Quaking Aspen, one of my favorite trees.  We saw a lot of deer, and even some wild turkey.

One of my favorite moments was just walking around Brian Head with my iPod listening to Martin’s Mass for Double Choir.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of choral music of all time.  So beautiful and brilliantly written.  One of my favorite recordings is by The Dale Warland Singers from their album Cathedral Classics (the whole album is stunning).  It’s the perfect combination of beautiful music, beautiful performance, and beautiful surroundings.

I didn’t quite have a chance to visit Zion like I was hoping, but I got something much better in exchange.  I got to spend a lot of time looking after my newborn nephew.  My sister and her husband claim that they got the better end of the deal with me being there, but I think it’s the other way.  New nephews are the best (no nieces yet).


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