“Midnight Clear” to be Published on Walton Music

I just signed the contract so I’m pretty sure that it’s okay to talk about it now.  After a few months of waiting, Walton Music has agreed to publish “It Came upon the Midnight Clear,” in their 2011 catalog.  Yay!  Christmas in July!  I’m stoked!  They’ve been great to work with.  The only change they want to make is the title.  Since there are so many arrangements of the original carol already on the market, Walton wanted to distinguish this setting with a different title: “Midnight Clear.”

I’m really glad that Walton picked this up.  They’re one of the leading publishers of new choral music.  They publish for composers like:

I’m very excited to have my little piece in the same mix with all these awesome fellas above.  I’ll actually be the fourth composer from BYU on Walton Music (that I know of):  Lane Johnson, Ben Boster, Daniel McDavitt, and me.  Check out their music, it’s good stuff that’s inspired me plenty of times.

Super excited!  Once it’s all produced and ready, I’ll post a link to where you can buy it.  *head explodes*

Here’s the recording again:


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