“Dnepr” for short

Yesturday, I arrived with my parents in Dnepropetrovsk (Днепропетровск), or “Dnepr” for short, after a long drive from Crimea.  This is where my parents actually live.  It’s great because it actually feels like a home rather than bouncing from hotel rooms.

Crimea is a beautiful part of Ukraine with mountains, forests and coastlines, whereas the rest of the country feels like a farm (very much like their flag).  Dnepr happens to sit right on the river Dniepr (it’s name sake) which is HUGE.  It’s pretty much the Mississippi of Ukraine.  I like the city so far.  We live in the left of the two towers pictured above with a killer view of the river.

I must say, I still feel quite culture shocked, especially when we encounter soviet monuments or architecture.  It seems to me to be designs that have a feeling of exposure, insignificance, and vulnerability.  It’s not built for the human scale at all, it’s meant to be big and grand.  To me, it feels unwelcoming and uncomfortable.  The rest of the city is fine, especially the religious architecture.

We took a walk through Shevchenko Park on the way to Monastery Island.  It’s a little string of land just off the south bank of the river with a monastery, among other things.  Really gorgeous place.  On the way across the bridge we found a lot of locks on the bridge railing.  It’s a tradition that when a couple get married that put a lock on the bridge to represent their marriage.

Well, I’ll be back in America this Monday after a 48 hour layover in Vienna.  I’ll be doing a lot of composing once I get back.  I’m about ready to explode with music.


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