Meanwhile, in Ukraine . . .


After a week in Germany, I’m now in Ukraine to see my parents.  It’s been a wild ride here.  I was warned that it was nothing like Western Europe.  I believed them, but didn’t quite know to what extent they meant.  It really is NOTHING like Western Europe.  If I could make any comparison, it’s actually a lot like Mexico, but with a lot more trees.

We had a grand ol’ time in Simferopol, where I got to sing a wee bit, then today we drove down to Sevastopol.  We had a great time spending our summer solstice in THE vacation destination of Russia.  It’s a really lovely place.  We found some gardens and even some ancient Greek ruins.  It’s called the old city of Sevastopol, or Khersones.  It’s pretty amazing.

I do have to say, I am rather culture shocked.  I never expected to find myself in a former Soviet republic with a language I have absolutely no relation to.  In a way, I feel rather exposed and insignificant.  Must be the Soviet architecture.  After all, there are statues of Lenin and other Russian heroes all over the place.

Having said that, the Ukrainians are lovely people and a lot of heart.  I’m excited to get to know more of them.

By the way, I’m loving the World Cup.  I love Football (Soccer) and get so excited every time the cup is around.  I’m cheering on the United States (of course), Brazil, Spain, and Denmark.  Teams that I’m cheering against are Italy (bunch of actors), France (messy and arrogant) and North Korea (human rights and all that), no offense.  I would be cheering on England in any other circumstance, but they’re in the same group as the United States and, well . . . when push comes to shove . . .


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