Working on yet another piece

I don’t know why, but I’m really good at starting pieces and ideas but really bad at finishing them.  I woke up this morning and just lay in bed for a while.  Just like any choral nerd, I started thinking about choral music, in particular, choral music accompanied by the organ.  For some reason I starting think about the organ as an instrument.  It’s such a massive, complex instrument; It’s virtuosity fascinates me.  I thought innocently, “if I composed a piece for organ, what would it sound like?”

Suddenly, the music started exploding in my head, as if to say, “this is what it would sound like.”  My brain was flooded with this furious, rapid-fire music.  I got out of bed, ran to the piano with my notebook and started writing.  In the process, I almost lost what I heard in my bed, but out of sheer grace, I finally got it out on paper and started to flesh it out.  It’s only a small part, but it’s hugely important.  I think it’ll be ternary in form, and will be based on quintal harmony.  It’s working title right now is “Tocatta in Fifths.”

I don’t really know how to write for it but have a friend who told me she’s willing to give me a crash course in composing for organ.  Hopefully, she’ll get me all informed.  I might get this piece done before we even get together!  She’ll be fixing my music after the fact.

As far as the other pieces I’m working on, “Gloria,” is still going well, if not stubbornly, and “Water Lilies” is in full polish mode.  “Hosanna filio David” on the other hand is on the back burner.  I’ve got a good idea for it, but I’m too distracted or I can’t hear it quite right.  It’s so fluid right now there’s just nothing solid to dictate.  I still want to write it, just can’t right now.  Maybe when I get better at what I’m doing.


2 thoughts on “Working on yet another piece

  1. Sounds like a special experience with inspiration. A tender mercy moment. A seeing-the-hand-of-the-Lord-in-our-lives moment.
    Love the pictures!

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