What’s been happening lately . . .

A few things have happened lately. Some good, some bad. I’ll make a news sandwich by putting the bad news between the good news.

First, the good news: I got into the Masters program for Choral Conducting here at BYU! I’m way excited for all the new opportunities I’m going to have here learning about choral music. I’m thrilled because I didn’t think my interview went all that well. It was kind of a wake up call when Dr. Staheli was talking with a student about the choral conducting class this fall. When she asked if he was teaching it, all he said was, “No, but he might,” pointing right at me. *Gulp* Am I ready to teach this stuff already?  I feel like I barely know what I’m doing!  What an exciting opportunity!

Some bad news: Karen came up to me today and let me know that she had to cut the piece I wrote for her from her recital.  She said should couldn’t get in touch with the violinist and that she didn’t feel that she knew it well enough to really do well in her hearing tomorrow.  However, she wants to do it for her next recital in the future.  So, the premiere hasn’t been canceled, it’s just been postponed until further notice.  That’s okay with me.  Can’t wait to hear it still.

More good news:  I’ve been doing some preliminary revisions to “Water Lilies,” and have mustered up enough confidence to take it to Dr. Staheli and Sister Hall.  We’ll see how they like it.  It really could go either way with this one.  In the meantime, I’ve also mustered enough confidence to put page one up here on my blog.  Huzzah!  Revisions will be inevitable.


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