Music Video as an Art Form

Some say the Music Video is dead.  If you look at MTV that’s absolutely the case.  MTV has recently even removed “Music Television” from their corporate signs.  But we all know that MTV gave up music videos a long time ago.  The new medium for this art form is YouTube, Vimeo and other streaming video sites.

There are a few artists who are still using the music video to full effect like Beyoncé, Mute Math, and even Radiohead.  Radiohead is an interesting case because they’ve stopped making the music videos themselves and encouraged their fans to make them instead.  The result?  Dozens of creative videos produced to a very high standard.

One band that stands above all the rest in this art form is OK Go.  Time after time they’ve produced some truly ingenious videos.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you but most of the videos block embedding by request.  Regardless, they’re all spectacular and worth a view or two.  Here’s some of the links to these videos:

“A Million Ways” –

“Invincible” –

“Here it Goes Again” –

“Do What You Want” –


One thought on “Music Video as an Art Form

  1. Matt,
    You have too much time!
    I liked the videos except the explosion one and the one with all the people in camouflage. I really like the Rube Goldberg one. The music, by the way, is not worthy of the videos. As I have always said about modern pop/rock stuff–boring. Not enough variation in lyrics or melody. Find a few catchy phrases and beat us to death with them. Make the pounding rhythm substitute for imagination by hypnotizing us.
    Still. Pretty entertaining visually. I had seen the treadmill one before. Definitely creative and well-done.
    Love you.

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