Ave Verum Corpus + Masters Program Interview

Wow, it got busy really fast.  Last Saturday I got to conduct the BYU Singers for the first time in concert.  What a thrilling experience.  What a privilege to conduct such a group.  We reached a whole new level with this piece; Suddenly, it became a whole new piece to us.

For the first time, instead of closing my eyes in an effort to remember the music, I kept my eyes open and looked straight into the eyes of the Singers.  It’s a connection I’ve never made with some of them.  I felt that it helped us all work together in greater unity.  I also felt like I opened up my soul to them in a way I never have before.  Too bad there’s no recording to listen back to, it was thrilling.

In the middle of all this I finished writing a paper titled, “The Legacy of Jubal: Chordophones and Aerophones in Ancient Semitic Music.”  It started to get fun towards the end, but it was a little stressful trying to sift through the sources.  It’s not fun to find out that three of your four articles are bogus.

In all these growing experience, I also was preparing for my interview/audition for the Masters Program here at BYU.  My interview was yesterday with Dr. Staheli and Prof. Hall.  We had a wee chat, I sang and played the piano.  It was a lot harder than I was expecting.  I didn’t sing nearly as well as I usually can.  Funny, I’ve been preparing for this interview for the past two years and now that it’s over I don’t really know what to do with myself.  I suppose I should do homework or something like that.  Whatever.

I’ll find out shortly what the results are and then I’ll post them here.

Now I have time again to compose some stuff!  “Water Lilies,” is the only one I’ve been working on and it’s been quite the challenge.  I’ve been taking it one page at a time.  Real slow.  But it’ll be worth it in the end.


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