So many things to do . . . Where do I start?

Something are just higher on the priority list, but what should be the highest?

I just got word that I made round two of my audition for the Masters program in conducting at BYU.  Wahoo!  Way excited.  I have an interview and audition with them sometime in the future.  They asked me to play any Bach Chorale they put in front of me.  Naturally, I’m want to play through all 371 chorales before my audition, whenever that will be.  I need to practice a lot.

I have a paper due next week.  The topic is musical practices in ancient semitic religion.  Fun!  I’m actually really excited about this topic.  It’s going to an interesting thing to learn.

I also am conducting the BYU Singers in “Ave Verum Corpus” this Saturday in Salt Lake City.  I’m excited but also nervous at the same time.  The choir has been sounding amazing, it just comes down to if i do a good job.

I’ve got a recording project in the oven that need to be worked on before studio time gets book up out the wazoo.  Ah!  I have an arrangement to write for strings as well!

I’m probably not going to get any composing done in the next little while.  All of things are pretty important.  No free time to spare!


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