Finished My Commission Early!

What a great President’s Day!  Bless you Washington and Lincoln.  My only regret is that we can’t take a holiday for both of your birthdays, we just have to compromise.  Oh well.

Today started off with a trip to the Midway hot springs.  It was a rather interesting experience.  So, it’s way colder up in Midway than down here in Provo.  Holy cow!  People were ice fishing on Deer Creek Reservoir!  The public hot spring is kinda smelling and muddy, but super warm.  It wasn’t as nice as it looked in the pictures.  The Homestead Crater is much cleaner and prettier (although not as warm).  Good fun.

After all the fun of hot pots I decided to sit down and get some serious work done.  With a focused mind I sat down to finish the “B” section and subsequently the rest of “Lord, Open Thou Mine Eyes,” for Karen Ann Baron.  It was pretty difficult.  Sometimes I had to walk away from the piano and try to listen to the concert hall in my mind.  It’s hard because it feels like it’s less work even though, ultimately, it gets the most accomplished.  I finished the first draft about a half hour ago and had my roommate listen to the MIDI mock-up (I HATE MIDI mock-ups, but they’re a necessary evil).

However, finishing my commission also means that I didn’t have time to work on any other compositions.  Oh well, I got the most important work done.  Now, I hand it off to Karen and polish the work during rehearsals.

Here’s page one:

Yay!  I can make deadlines!


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