Amazing Scratchboard Art

I moved apartments this semester and got to know my roommate Erik Linton.  He’s a swell guy and turns out he’s also an amazing artist.  He lived in Peru for two years and is fascinated with Latin and Native American culture.  He sketches quite a bit, but also works in this unusual, but awesome medium called Scratchboard.  Basically, it’s a black board that when scratched reveals white underneath.  It’s pretty amazing simply because it leaves virtually no room for errors.  Erasing is not an option.  He’s got this picture of a Navajo child hanging in our living room.

I’ve always admired this sort of artistry that really requires a solid vision of what the piece is supposed to look like.  It takes a great deal of focus and serenity to visualize a piece like this before making the first scratch.  It’s a similar style I take when I start composing.  I don’t write a single note until I can actually hear the music ringing in my head.  There’s a concert hall in my mind and if I can hear it there, then I can start writing.  Sometimes, it’s all a matter of dictation.  After I finish a piece, sometimes I feel like I didn’t really do anything except put into a notated form.

Speaking of notated form, My commission is due by the end of this month.  We’ll see if I can finish it ahead of schedule!

Visit my roommates website at


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