Recital + Ave verum corpus

Last week, I gave my first recital.  It was an interesting situation.  It’s not required for my degree program, but I wanted to see what it was like.  A friend of mine, Britain Young, (a fantastic singer) from Concert Choir had a junior recital to do for her degree and agreed to let me squeeze onto her program.  All she needed to do was sing for half an hour, so I filled up the time with a half hour myself.  It was easy to come up with repertoire, because I meant to give this recital last year, but had to back out because I got bronchitis.

My recital rep. is as follows:

“Liebestrau” by Johannes Brahmns

“Verborgenheit” by Hugo Wolf

“Chanson d’amour” by Gabriel Fauré

“Le manoir de Rosamonde,” and

“Chanson triste,” by Henri Duparc

“Sure on this Shining Night” by Samuel Barber

and “Secret Prayer,” by Marcus Smith

The three French songs I chose made up a set about three stages of love: infatuation, the breakup and reconciliation.  They’re some of my favorite pieces of vocal literature, EVER. The last song, “Secret Prayer,” is a song that I absolutely love, but is sadly underperformed.  A lot of people came up and told me how that was their favorite piece and that they had never heard it before.  I highly recommend it.

All this recital-ness has dominated my life for the past little while, so much that I forgot everything else I had to do.  One of those was start rehearsing a piece in BYU Singers!  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m one of the assistant conductors for BYU Singers this year.

Dr. Staheli has asked me to rehearse and conduct a piece called “Ave verum corpus,” by Will Todd.  We were supposed to sing it last year, but it never quite fit into our repertoire, so it got scrapped.  It was sad because it’s such a brilliant piece.  How glad I am now that we didn’t do it last year, otherwise I wouldn’t be conducting it this year (with Dr. Staheli at the piano!).  It’s a really remarkable piece that’s beautifully crafted.  It’s a dark, moody sort of piece, but so reverent and electric.  I love it.

We started rehearsing it on Monday and got to run through it fully today.  Dang!  This choir is just soooooo awesome!  They pick up music and run with it.  What a privilege I have to conduct such beautiful music with one of the finest choirs in the nation.  They’re just too cool.

I’m not sure when I’m conducting this piece, but it will be one of the concerts this semester.  I’ll give a little update when it happens.  Until then, I’ll keep composing.


One thought on “Recital + Ave verum corpus

  1. I love reading about it, but my ability to imagine falls far short of real experience. Please upload more performances!
    Thank you mucho, Matt.

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