New Commission

Just to recap, I’ve taken a new commission.  It’s for a friend of mine in BYU Singers.  She’s a fantastic singer and I’m really excited to work with her.  Here’s the text that she brought to me to work with:

“Lord, open thou mine eyes that I may see thee;
Lord, open thou my lips that I may praise thee;
Lord, open thou my heart that I may love thee,
Serve thee with joy, fear none above thee.

Christ be my sword and shield, my strong defender;
Christ be my light and my Redeemer.
Christ be my guide today, my guide tomorrow;
Christ in my days of joy, my days of sorrow;
Christ in the silent hours when I lie sleeping,
Safe in his holy angels’ keeping.

Christ, when I go to rest, grant me thy blessing.
Lord, keep my soul with thee now and for ever.”

– Paraphrase of Lancelot Andrews and St. Patrick

A little tip to those of you interested in commissioning your own piece: Get someone else to pay for it. Commissions are more expensive that you think and paying out of your own pocket kinda puts a downer on the whole situation. The one thing you don’t want to do is underpay the composer, because composers, monetarily, rely heavily on commissions. There are other options. You can get money from a city art council, some state art council, some local or regional organization with like-minded ideals, even the National Endowment for the Arts is possible. The easiest option is a wealthy relative, but that requires having a wealthy relative.

Anyway, it’ll be premiered sometime this April.


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