“Midnight Clear” on Performance Today! Merry Christmas!

My piece was on Performance Today hosted by Fred Child (pictured left) for Christmas Eve! If you didn’t catch it live you can go to their archive and find it here. It’s part of the second hour and it’s the second song on the list. It starts at about 6 minutes in to the show. Never really thought I’d be on the same web site as John Cage.

Yeah, I know they got it wrong, they’re calling it an arrangement when it’s really a setting. For those who are still confused, here’s your guide:

Arrangement – A piece based on a previously existing melody such as a hymn.

Setting – A piece not based on any pre-existing material.

I don’t blame Mr. Child. It was probably KBYU. Everyone here in Utah calls everything an “arrangement” when it’s not necessarily so. They hear about a new arrangement by Mack Wilberg and then they think everything is an arrangement. Bless their hearts.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everybody! And a Happy New Year! Thank you Mr. Child!


3 thoughts on ““Midnight Clear” on Performance Today! Merry Christmas!

  1. I loved hearing your piece on perf today. I was so dang proud!! It's gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Thanks for writing it. Great clarification of setting vs arrangement!

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