Wee Payson

Photo by BJ Zeyer (http://bjzeyer.blogspot.com/)

The last couple of weeks before school started my friend BJ and I went up to Payson Lakes to have one last hoo-rah before school started again. I’ve been here once before but it was kinda busy, not really crowded, but busy. We decided to go Thursday during the day. Since school had started and other people were at work, we virtually had the place all to ourselves. For an hour or so, there was literally not another soul around.

Photo by BJ Zeyer (http://bjzeyer.blogspot.com/)

There are three lakes up at Payson Lakes (which is located on the Mt. Nebo loop). The first time we went, we walked around the third one for a while and then swam for a bit in the second one. It was nice, but it was rather small, wasn’t very deep and quite a bit of pond scum.

The third time we went up we bought some inner tubes (on sale) and floated out in the middle of the third lake (which is the largest). We just sat there floating for several hours, relaxing, enjoying the scenery and soaking up the sun. It was well nice. There’s nothing quite like drifting around without a care in the world. It just felt so great to forget all responsibilities and give our minds relief. The third lake is prolly the best one.

After we were done drifting around, we got up on this dock nearby and got dry while lying in the sun. We spent the rest of the time talking about life, career plans, and this coming school year.

It’s kinda sad that we didn’t get to using this place till the end of summer. We should have come here all summer. I guess at least we got to come here while it was still warm. It reminds of me of relaxing on the beach in California. There are very few times when I feel so calm. So what do we do for winter?

Thanks for the pitchers BeeJ!

Photo by BJ Zeyer (http://bjzeyer.blogspot.com/)



One thought on “Wee Payson

  1. What DO we do for winter? We subsist upon our dreams of future choral conducting jobs in Arizona….. (or CA, whatever is yer pleasure. 🙂

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