Another BYU Singers Recording

This time it’s Monteverdi. This is us singing “Si ch’io vorrei morire.”

This was actually not that difficult to edit. I had two recordings that sounded very similar to each other by way of mic placement and intonation and two coughs were in places that were rather easy to edit out. I’m not always that lucky.

BYU Singers Recording (Sneak Peak!)

Hey, I’m working on the archive CD for Brigham Young University Singers and wanted to share what I was working on. This is a recording of “Un soir de neige,” by Francis Poulenc. It’s a very difficult work, and definitely an acquired taste, but truly unforgettable.

Just wanted to let every who’s waiting on the CD know that it’s coming. Tell me what you think.

New Composition!

So a few days ago I finished writing a new piece. It’s a new setting of “It Came upon the Midnight Clear.” Completely different melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. Nothing is the same. I’m cleaning it up right now and just tweaking it. I spend most of my time polishing stuff.

It’s actually kind of amazing. I composed the majority of this piece in a single afternoon. That doesn’t happen very often for me. Most of the time it stretches out over months, weeks, days at best. But this all happened really quite quickly. It was either A) a fluke, not likely to be repeated B) a byproduct of having my keyboard finally connected with my computer through the MIDI interface of my MBox 2 or C) the result an extremely focused mind. I had determined that I wanted to finish the piece that day and with that goal nothing was going to get in my way, so my inspiration gave way.

I’ve personally got money on A or B. I know I don’t really let on about my whole process of writing. I don’t really share this part of my life with a lot of people. Composing is a very personal and private affair for me, but I love sharing the results (most of the time).

I’ll be posting a page or so in the future. Until then . . .