So I’m working on that irish piece with poem by Dairena Ní Chinnéide. It’s called “Ciúnas.” I’m having a really hard time with it right now for one main reason. There’s a line in the poem that says, “Ciúnas i mo cheann,” which basically translates to “Quiet in my head.” It is NOT quiet in my head right now.

I try and compose from what I refer to as “the concert hall in my head.” Right now it’s occupied with a bunch of other stuff. With so many things distracting me, I hardly have anytime for myself to sit quietly and listen. Maybe I should drive up to Midway this weekend or Payson lakes. I don’t know.

Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Ciúnas

  1. Hey there, randomly came across your 2009 post while googling and was amazed to discover your reference to one of my poems. Did you put music to “ciunas”? How great! Musical collaborations are one of my greatest passions would love to hear! Slan dairena x

    • Wow! It’s a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Unfortunately, I was never able to finish that setting of “Ciunas,” I tried, but I couldn’t quite dictate what I was hearing. Another problem was that I’m not fluent in Irish and wasn’t able to make a literal translation nor get the IPA done to figure out how to pronounce it. I had to set it aside. I still would love to set it someday, it’s one of my favorites of yours.

      I found your book at Waterstones (I think) in Cork, and just fell in love with your works. I hope that I can actually set some of them in the future. I’ll keep you informed for sure! Thanks for dropping a line and keep writing!

      • Howdy again! A new year…another google…to check up on whats being said about me! Probably way late to comment, but I would be delighted to email you new work….if you want….I am always in the business of collaborating musically…..i’m: if you want to holler. Regards Dairena x

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