Back in the Game

Anyone reading this who is fluent in Irish Gaelic?

One of the things I wanted to get in Ireland (besides a lovely tan) was a book of poems in Irish Gaelic. I brought back four. Well, two and a half. I found two books of poems in their native language with side by side translations into English. One of the books is full of really old monastic and secular poetry from the 9th thru 12th Centuries. The other was a collection of contemporary poems called “An Trodaí/The Warrior” by a single author, Dairena Ní Chinnéide from Kerry. There’s some really evocative and haunting stuff in here. I also found two books that contained some poetry in Irish as well as English.

I’m setting some of this into choral settings, but am having a hard time with it as I am not fluent (or even remotely competent) in Irish. If anyone is fluent, I’d sure appreciate some help.

On another topic, I got an internship this summer at the LDS Motion Picture Studio. I’m an audio editor for The Mormon Channel. I edit and mix content as well as openers, closers and bumpers. It’s actually quite a bit of fun. I have one problem with Pro Tools though. I work with content that is typically 30 to 60 minutes long. When I want to bounce the entire episode to disk, Pro Tools does so in real time. So after several hours of editing content, I have to spend another hour listening while I’m bouncing to disk. C’mon DigiDesign! Give us the option to bounce immediately. I know the advantages of bouncing in real time, just give us the option.

I love summer. Have I mentioned that? It’s a glorious time of year. I’m going back home to California for a week or so in August to visit some family, do some surfing, visit SF Symphony, and write. At least, that’s the plan.

Oh, I wanted to post part of the episode where BYU Singers sang with the Tabernacle Choir on Music and the Spoken Word back in March. This was our closing number:


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