One of my pieces . . . Memories of Galilee

So . . . I’ve never actually posted any of my sheet music up here. Or even talked about it much. Here’s a piece that I’ve been working on since 07/06. Yeah, it’s been a long time.

This is basically an arrangement of a hymn by H.R. Palmer with words by Robert Morris. Mr. Morris wrote the words while on the banks of Galilee. It’s gone by a few other titles such as “Each Cooing Dove,” and “O Galilee,” but I’ve learned that the original title was “Memories of Galilee.”

I was learning a lot when I arranged this (still am), and I’ve spent nearly two years polishing it. I think It’s finally ready, and I’ve started rehearsing this with the chamber choir I conduct. I’m really excited.

So here you are. This is page 4:


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